hospice care

providing information, guidance and support

Hospice provides holistic services for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people at the end of life and their families.

It is most appropriate for patients who have decided to focus on comfort, rather than recovery. The decision to discontinue aggressive treatments to cure illness is a difficult one. Our team is sensitive to these concerns and is always available to consult with those needing information, guidance and support.

Our care is designed to alleviate pain, control symptoms and relieve anxiety through expertise and compassion. When a new patient arrives, an individualized plan of care is developed by our team based upon that patient’s own needs and desires. Learn more about the services we offer below:


the patient and family on care needs, the disease process, nutrition, medications, physical changes and emotions


Regularly assessing the patient’s condition and comfort


pain or other symptoms and recommending adjustments in medication when necessary to maximize comfort, conserve energy and enhance quality of life


with bathing, dressing and other personal care


care and communicating with the patient’s physician


medications, equipment, oxygen and other needed supplies related to the terminal disease.


Providing support to ease emotional and spiritual distress for the patient and family


On-call nurses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for questions and visits

and More

Help arranging additional resources if needed.